Awards of Excellence

The CPIC Forum Awards Program was established in 2007, as set forth in the Forum's original charter. The awards are designed to encourage support for the Forum's mission and goals; by recognizing individual and organizational achievements and contributions in our field(s).

The CPIC Awards of Excellence were renamed the Cooper-Godlove CPIC Awards of Excellence after the loss of two of our outstanding community practitioners, Terry Cooper and Stacy Godlove, lost their battles to cancer. Exemplifying excellence personally and professionally, the board vote to rename the awards was unanimous.

Nominate a colleague today! There are Five Awards To Choose From & a Simple Online Form.

Annually, the nomination period is open from June until the following April. Awards are given annually at a reception at the CPIC Conference.

Choose from:

  • Outstanding Industry Partner
    • Successfully partners with the government and provides outstanding consulting and/or contracting support in CPIC and related fields for Government Civilian, and Defense clients.
  • Outstanding Government Partner
    • Successfully partners with the private sector consulting and/or contracting firms to produce positive outcomes and performance results for programs in CPIC and related fields.
  • Best Educational Contribution
    • Provided an outstanding contribution in training or educational tools for CPIC and related fields.
  • CPIC Innovative Approaches Award
    • Provides support in the successful implementation of CPIC with the use of unique or innovative tools or processes; or provides support to CPIC and related areas with new or innovative tools or processes.
  • Business Transformation Award
    • Provides a significant, positive organizational impact to implement CPIC processes and/or related areas within an organization.

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A call for nominations is broadcast and an awards committee is established to review submissions and make final selections. Nominations are submitted and must be received by the deadline. In addition to the listed awards, the awards committee also has the capability to provide special recognition awards as warranted. Conversely, if no nominations meet criteria in a category, an award will not be made

Membership in the CPIC Forum is not a prerequisite for the awards program. Any individuals or organizations working in or supporting Federal CPIC processes or the related areas may be nominated. There is no limit on the number of categories an individual or organization may be nominated.

Nominate for Cooper-Godlove Awards of Excellence (Current Year)

Deadline for Award Nominations:
5/1/18 11:59 PM EST