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Participating as a member of the Forum affords opportunities for continuing professional education and development, access to credentialing, access to a community of peers who can assist one another with the challenges of staying current in a constantly evolving and changing practice of evolving requirements, changing mandates, new laws and fast-paced technology advancement. Our members are tactical, operational, managerial and executive leaders who seek to associate for the purposes of leveraging best practices, lessons learned, and access to tools & resources in areas like Portfolio, Project & Investment management, financial management & budgeting, Enterprise Architecture & Technology Business Management (TBM), IT acquisition reform (FITARA), governance, and of course, Capital Planning, Investment Control - all aspects of selecting, controlling, and evaluating investments of taxpayer dollars.

Sponsoring the Forum allows your agency, organization, or company to engage with leadership opportunities and drive change in our community. We strive to make sponsorship and participation affordable and value-driven for our sponsors and supporters.

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Fee: $285/Year
  • Member mailings & announcements via Constant Contact
  • Enrollment in the CPIC Professionals Proprietary Database (*Your information is not sold or released to third parties)
  • Private, members-only access invitation in the LinkedIn Federal CPIC Forum Members Group Page
  • Group, open-access invitation to the LinkedIn Capital Planners Page
  • CPIC Conference early-bird promo code discount
  • Members-only event invitations
  • Members-only early access to event registration
  • By-Invitation access to community events
  • Access to Continuous Learning Points (CLP) reporting for continued professional education
  • Job posting or announcement support
  • Direct member collaboration opportunities
  • Social networking opportunities on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Opportunities to participate in Special Interest Groups
  • Virtual learning opportunities such as VIMEO recordings and videos
  • Deeper early-bird discount to the annual CPIC Conference (
  • Free invitation-only events
  • Opportunity to submit content-appropriate article quarterly each year to CPIC Community (integrated into quarterly e-newsletter release)
  • Opportunity to submit one free job-posting each year to CPIC Community (integrated into quarterly e-newsletter release)
  • Opportunities to create or lead Special Interest Groups
  • Opportunities to volunteer with the annual CPIC Conference for a discounted tuition rate


Sponsorship opportunities are available starting at just $500 and up.

  • Corporate Branding & Recognition with Logo(s)
  • Executive Advisory Board Opportunities for Sponsors
  • Job Posting and recruitment support opportunities
  • Additional Members
  • Opportunities to host & participate in educational events.
  • Executive Board Access or Participation
  • Participate in C2AI Selection & Mentoring
  • Contribute monthly to the e-newsletter to reach up to 12,000 of our practitioners in government and industry.

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CPP Certification

The Capital Planning Professional (CPP) certification is a credentialing effort developed by the CPIC Forum to provide industry recognition that Senior Capital Planners are verified subject matter experts that have gone through a rigorous screening and/ or testing process to ensure that they meet requisite levels and standards in terms of knowledge, skills, experience and performance.


The Capital Planning Professional (CPP) certification was developed by the Federal CPIC Forum’s Certification and Education Special Interest Group (C&E SIG). The purpose of the certification is to provide a formal level of distinction for the best and brightest subject matter experts in the field of federal Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC). In addition, it also acknowledges individuals who share the same combination of professional ethics, knowledge, and experience that are the hallmarks of excellence within the profession. The CPIC Forum administers the CPP, which includes independent verification and validation of references and content of applications, approvals, and certification of appropriate applicants, denials of certification (when appropriate,) and management tracking of certified and expired CPP certification holders.

For employers looking to verify whether a CPP is current or expired, please Contact Us, and request an audit to verify the professional is in good standing.


There are two ways to qualify for the CPP:

  • Minimum years of experience, training + exam (example: C2AI Candidates)
  • Senior years of experience + training with exam waiver.

The application outlines the qualifications, requirements and fee structures in more detail.


CPP certified professionals are required to apply for recertification after three years. Recertification ensures that members are actively working in the field of capital planning, complying with professional ethics standards, gaining valuable experience and knowledge as well as maturing in the profession. To be eligible for recertification applicants must meet the following Minimum Requirements:

  • On-Going membership in the Federal CPIC Forum. This means that the Capital Planning Professional (CPP) professional has paid his or her annual membership dues, complies with the code of ethics and is in good standing within the organization.
  • Achieved the Continuing Professional Education Hours Requirement. This means CPP certified professionals must accrue a minimum of 90 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) every three years in order to be eligible for recertification.
  • Submit the Recertification Application and Appropriate Fees. This means CPP certified professionals are required to complete a recertification application and pay a recertification and application processing fee.
  • Expired CPPs or CPP's who have expired memberships must:
    • Retroactively restore their memberships to become current;
    • Or after a lapse of 6 months or more, must recertify and re-take the exam or re-qualify, if applicable.

The application outlines the qualifications, requirements and fee structures in more detail.

Job Advertising

Advertise your open positions with the CPIC Forum community! You can expect to reach practitioners in the areas of Capital Planning & Investment Control, Project/ Portfolio/Program Management, Enterprise Architecture, Financial & Investment Management, Governance and related niche disciplines.

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